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The different tabs:
A. Foto's (Pictures):
This tab shows the organ front and console and, if you click on the picture, you can see the church.
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Organfront and console
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B. Eenvoudig: (Simple)
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So-called Simple Panel
On this tab, we see a simpler representation of the stops more suitable for users of touch screens.
All stops and playing aids specifically made for Hauptwerk are underlined here.
C. Schakelaars: (Switches)
Most elements of this page need not actually be visible but are still of interest if only to give a bit of an idea of what needs to be done to get a sample set of this magnitude working. Just remember that behind every (manual) stop control there are 56 long, 56 long release, 56 medium release, and 56 short-release samples. In addition there are also 56 tremulant and 56 tremulant release samples for the Hoofdwerk. The same applies to the pedal with 30 samples (here without tremulant). In total approximately 25,000 samples.

Some stops are divided into a bass and discant section. The button "REG. GEDEELD" (Reg. shared) allows you to enable or disable this feature. The divided stops are: Vox Humana 8'; Trumpet 8'; Praestant 8' RP and Dulciaan 8'.

Furthermore, you will find the buttons "Trekker Geluid" (Draw Knob Sounds) and "Toets Geluid" (Key Sounds) which are self explanatory.

Furthermore, it is useful to know that if you right-click on a switch, you will be immediately directed to the appropriate voicing screen.
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D. Speeltafel (The virtual console):
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The virtual console
The arrangement of the stops follows the original as much as possible. To make room for some additions, the 3 shutoffs and the ventil are moved to the switch panel.
The manual coupler of this organ works by shifting the keyboard. Because this is difficult to see visually, we simply added a stop "Manuaal koppel" (Manual coupler)
In the curve above the panels, LEDs are placed that indicate whether the divided registers are coupled.
The sliders "Voor" (Front), "Midden" (Middle) and "Achter" (Rear) allows you to set the ratio of the various channels thereby determining your listening position.
If you prefer a direct sound, select a high value for "Voor" and low values for "Midden" and "Achter".
If you prefer an indirect sound, then you should adjust "Midden" and "Achter" to higher values.

The 4th slide (with the caption "RP") is definitely not a swell pedal but a volume control for the entire Rugpositief. The button "Volume - RP reset" returns it back to the normal volume.

The button "Calcant" turns on the blower motor.

For the purists among you: the keyboards have been extended by 2 keys f''' to g''' while the pedal was extended by 3 keys from d' to f'.
E. Wind:
Het windmodel
The windmodel
This tab shows a schematic representation of the wind supply for this organ.
With the various sliders you can control the flow of wind for the bellows and the various chests.
The "R" or reset buttons, allow you to return to the settings that, in our view, yield the best results. With the button "Sygsoft," below on the right, you can reset all six sliders at once.


Should you decide not to load a portion of this sample set (e.g. your computer RAM is too small and you choose to omit all "Rear" samples) then the wind consumption is reduced by 33% and the organ becomes much less sensitive to the wind than it actually is.
In this case, go to Organ settings / Organ preferences / Wind supply model and choose a value of around 150%. Should you load only one position, e.g. "Middle," (thereby reducing the wind consumption by 66%) then you must set this value to about 300% to obtain the same result.
Obviously you can select any value you wish if the organ's behaviour is not to your liking. If the Wind Supply Model-tab is left unchecked, you can completely disable its function.
F. Linker- en rechterpaneel (Left- and right panel):
The left panel
The left panel
For players working with 2 touchsreens here a left and right screen. The format is broadly similar to that of the tab "Speeltafel".
At the top of each screen there are 2 LEDs wich indicate whether the shared registers are linked.
The right panel
The right panel
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