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The van Vulpen organ of the Hoflaankerk

Hauptwerk.nl is an initiative from Sygsoft Holland. The site has been set up to draw attention to a few objectives:

1: To bring to notice inside and outside our country the the cultural and historical value of church organs and other manual instruments.
2: To save the richness of sound and authenticity of these instruments for the future.
3: The site has been set up to bring the program Hauptwerk to the notice of all the organists and harpsichord players inside and outside our country.

Hauptwerk.nl has already recorded and launched a few interesting instruments.
Below you can see an excerpt from our oeuvre.
At instruments you can find more information.

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van Vulpen console

New: Sample set of the van Vulpen organ of the Hoflaankerk at Rotterdam now available!
van Vulpen Hoflaankerk
3 manuals and pedals

Sample set Verschueren Oosterhout 2 manuals and pedals organ free download!

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The Pieter Backer organ at Medemblik

picture Arnold de Greeuw

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The Thomas organ at Vianen

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The Verschueren positif at Oosterhout


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The Flentrop organ at Schiedam


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The Laurentius organ at Rotterdam

with permission of Hans Kleene

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The Bätz organ at Zeist

picture Willem den Boer H.I. Ambacht

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The Lohman organ at Heusden


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The Steendam organ at Apeldoorn


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The Hinsz organ at Leens

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The van Peteghem organ at Haringe Belgium

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The Sygsoft Harpsichord

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The Chr. Müller organ at Oosterwijtwerd

with permission of Wim Verburg with permission of Dirk Coutigny Free download Sygsoft harpsichord. Free download Oosterwijtwerd

We emphasize that this website is totally autonomous and does not have a connection with the below mentioned Crumhorn Labs.

The computer software Hauptwerk has in 2002 been developed by Martin Dyde, director of the English company Crumhorn Labs now hauptwerk.com.
With this software, it is possible to play at home various and often very famous church- and theatre organs (and harpsichord and even a harmonium) with CD quality (or better).

Since 2002 the organs have been recorded by various companies and private persons over the whole world, who played on instruments with a big historical value and put them at people's disposal.
Look for an extensive survey on Instruments all over the world about what is available on the market.(only Dutch)

  Hauptwerk.nl is an initiative from Sygsoft Holland. KvK 93602855. Last updated 2024-04-20