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All versions of our harpsichord are recorded with AKG Perception 200 large diaphragm condenser microphones.
In the pictures you see the virtual consoles of the different versions of our harpsichord for Hauptwerk.
The instrument has one manual, why then 2 manuals as shown?
The idea is to give the player of the instrument the capability (if two manuals are available) of playing the lowest 5 keys of the harpsichord. In effect, the upper keyboard is coupled to the lower, but down one octave.
The registration of the upper keyboard follows that of the lower.
All versions have an enclosure to simulate the effect of an open or closed instrument.
Version for Hauptwerk 4

The 5 buttons give the following possibilities. From the left to the right:

1st: "Front" is the front stop with a clear sound.
2nd: "Back" is the second stop and sounds gentler.
3rd: "Lute" is the lute-stop on the "Front" stop.
4th: "F + B" is "Front" together with "Back".
5th: "L + B" is "Lute" together with "Back".
6th: "Clear" is reset all.

The samples are recorded with a resolution of 16 bits and a sample rate of 44.1 kHz.
The tuning is about equal to a' 440 Hz.
With Hauptwerk 4 you have the capability of tuning the instrument.

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Virtual console Hauptwerk Version 4

New: High resolution-version for Hauptwerk 4

We have used totaly new recorded samples 24 bit 96 kHz.

The 5 buttons give the same possibilitys.

The tuning is exactly equal to a' 440 Hz.
While this samples are recorded with the high resolution of 24 bit and a samplerate of 96 kHz this version use some more then 1600 MB RAM excluding Windows. You can decrease this value by compressing the stops.
A table from the use of RAM you can see by pressing the button "Requirements".
With Hauptwerk 2 you have all the possibilitys to tune the instrument.
To make the instrument more interesting we have added 7 notes per stop: from MIDI note 24-c up to MIDI note 30-f#. If you connect the pedalboard to the extra manual you can use full pedals.

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Virtual console Hauptwerk Version 4 (high resolution)

Corrections by John Coenraads®.
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