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Harpsichord Martin Bezemer
Eindhoven Holland 1981
This harpsichord has been built in 1981, by Martin Bezemer Eindhoven the Netherlands. It was the 4th instrument he built.
This one-keyboard-instrument contains two 8 foot stops with a lute to the first stop.
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About the builder of this instrument.

Martin Bezemer started building musical instruments in the 60 s of the last century as he was short of money. The very first instrument he built was a harpsichird (spinet) constructed of scrap materials". It functioned all right but did did not sound great. As a result he did have a second go and that worked out better. Unfortunately, both of his first creations did not survive but he did develop a bug for building musical instruments. He built instruments for himself and his family, friends, acquaintances and colleagues and has, in the meantime, built a collection of approximately 30 instruments. These include, spinets, harpsichords with one and two manuals, a chestorgan, a clavicytherium (upright harpsichord) and a street organ. Martin is currently building a cabinet-organ.
Martin is an amateur-builder and he is adamant about not entering the commercial market.
Corrections by John Coenraads®.
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