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1. The Verschueren positif of the Basiliek van Saint John the Baptist in Oosterhout:

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The Verschueren positif at Oosterhout

In October 2022 we recorded the Verschueren positif for Hauptwerk.

Due to the non-functioning of the main organ in the church, and the lack of restoration for the time being, In 1977 it was decided to have a choir organ built by the company Verschueren. It is designed in classic southern style.

As choir organ, Sint Jan has since had a modest instrument built by Verschueren with a sophisticated disposition. The principal work based on Prestant 8 ft has a shared Trompet 8 ft, the minor work has a Cornet décomposé. In the seventies it was one of the innovative instruments of this organ builder. A modest instrument with nice sound possibilities.

"Source Brabantorgel.nl".

Free download. More information on the downloadpage.

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The console

2. The disposition: ( red text: added for Hauptwerk.)
Manual I (C-g'') (Hoofdwerk)

Prestant 8'
Gedekt 8'
Fluit 4'
Octaaf 4'
Prestant 2'
Mixtuur II-IV rangs
Trompet 8' B/D

3 coupler
H.W. + N.W.
Ped. + H.W.
Ped. + N.W.
Manual II (C-g'') (Nevenwerk)

Gedekt 8'
Roerfluit 4'
Nazard 3'
Quint 3' (according to the Basilica's website, but not present)
Fluit 2'
Cornet II st
Tremulant NW

Pedals C-f'
Subbas 16'
Prestant 8'
Gedekt 8'
3. Four channel technique:
This sample set was recorded from four positions in stereo (24 bit 96kHz).
The set comes with a Sygsoft devised 4-channel technique whereby the user may set the listening position themselves.
There are 4 positions, namely :
1: Front, recorded very close to the organ. This provides a very direct recording that is useful for study purposes.
2: Middle, this recording was made at about 3 times the distance used in the front recording.
3: Rear, recorded far from the organ.
4: Wall, recorded far from the organ at the rear wall can be used as surround.
Through four sliders (0-100%), a mix can be made of the four positions that is to your liking.
A good starting point for setting the sliders is e.g. Front-Middle-Rear-Wall 25-60-80-100
More information see: "Systeemrequirments".
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4. Finally:
The recordings for this sample set were made in october 2022.
Recording quality 96 kHz, 24 bit. The set is reduced to 48 kHz 24 bit.
Number of microphones: 8.
Number of samples processed in this set: 9,140
Number of lines in the Organ Definition File (ODF): ca. 550,000

Division of the Work:
Christian Boogaard: Noise reduction, windmodel, intonation, some demos and artistic advice.
Johan van der Waal van Dijk: processing of samples and technical advice.
Rietje Raatgeep: Administration and PR.
Fred de Jong: Layout, extra controle samples, loops, ODF as well as customizing the website and general management.

With thanks to the organist of the church Jan Willems and his wife Ilse for the pleasant cooperation
and last but not least thanks to the municipality of Oosterhout for switching off the fountain on the Markt and the carillion of the church.

Fred de Jong May 2023.
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