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Om het virtuele Pels & van Leeuwen orgel van Heusden te kunnen bespelen heeft u tenminste het volgende nodig:
1e: To play the full version of this sample set without restrictions, you will need a modern, fast computer with at least 4 GB of RAM and, e.g. Windows 7 32 or 64 bit installed.
Obviously Hauptwerk must also be installed with the version (or higher) free.
It is said that the best results are achieved using Apple-MacIntosh computers; however, we have no experience with this. It is difficult to make exact statements about what is needed. The "mother" website hauptwerk.com provides much information about this issue.
Please note: This information applies to the newest version of Hauptwerk.
The virtual organ of Lohman Heusden is delivered on one DVD. The set can also be downloaded.
The set is protected with the Hauptwerk Protection System via the dongle from your Hauptwerk program.
Below is a table of memory usage.
On other systems, these values can vary considerably!
Please note that your Operating System also requires considerable memory.
Table giving memory requirements for Hauptwerk. (space needed on the hard drive, around 3.7 GB)
The meaning of the columns:
A = Number of loaded channels
B = Compression applied
C = Bit rate Pipe samples
D = Multi-release pipe loaded
E = Organ cache (GB)
F = RAM usage, Operating System not included (GB)

The yellow area is the standard Hauptwerk loading mode: 16-bit compressed and multi release.
The blue area is the maximum possible, loading mode 24-bit uncompressed and multi release.
There are of course many more variants. E.g. pipe samples loaded at 24 bit and sounds at 16 bit, etc.
If you have questions: mail to hauptwerk.nl
Definition A B C D E F
(16 bit) 1 channel loaded multi release compressed (Standaard Hauptwerk) 1 16 0.5 0.8
(16 bit) 2 channels loaded multi release compressed (Standaard Hauptwerk) 2 16 0.9 1.12
(16 bit) 3 channels loaded multi release compressed (Standaard Hauptwerk) 3 16 1.3 1.6
(24 bit) 1 channel loaded multi release uncompressed 1 24 0.8 1.8
(24 bit) 2 channels loaded multi release uncompressed 2 24 1.7 3.5
(24 bit) 3 channels loaded multi release uncompressed 3 24 2.6 5.2
2nd: A good sound card inside or connected to the computer. For more information, visit: Hauptwerk.com. The sound card can, in many cases, also provided the MIDI connection between the keyboards and the computer.
3th: Klik om te vergroten

One keyboard and a (possibly 30 note) pedal or of course a complete electronic organ with MIDI output.
Beautiful consoles specifically for use with Hauptwerk are commercially available.
In the Netherlands you can go for example to
Noorlander Orgelmakerij
Bovenschen Virtual Organs
The hobbyists among us, using electronics from, e.g. WIRA or MGB can equip their own consoles with MIDI. WIRA or MGB can equip their own consoles with MIDI.
We ourselves have done this on a homemade organ with Heyligers-manuals (with WIRA hardware). The cost of conversion was less than 300 Euros and everything has been working perfectly for years.
4th: The amazing sound quality of Hauptwerk really comes into its own through very good headphones, e.g. AKG or Sennheiser. We prefer to connect the sound card to a (possibly multi-channel) audio installation. The above mentioned companies can advise you about any purchases in this area. Whatever you decide, what you must never do is listen to Hauptwerk through a built-in monitor speaker or a set of cheap computer speakers!
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